About PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work”


PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work”, the history of which dates back to 1898, is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of glassware industry. More than a century of experience in glass manufacturing, close location to quartz sand pits, systematic technical improvement of the production process made it possible for the enterprise at the certain time to enter the top three manufacturers of glass bottles in Ukraine. The products of our factory meet the European quality standards and are able to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Our enterprise develops different forms of bottles depending on the wishes and demands of the customers. The enterprise specializes in the production of green and brown glass bottles with the capacity of from 0.2 to 1.0 liter. The factory is the owner of about 50 designs of bottles and it produces glass bottles for beer, alcoholic beverages, wine, cognac, low-alcoholic, alcohol-free beverages and juicy drinks. The main customers of the company are the following well-known companies and brands: PJSC Carlsberg, PJSC Obolon, LLC Trade and Production Company Persha Pryvatna Brovarnya (First Private Brewery “For people like for ourselves”, PJSC Radomyshl Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Plant, LLC Poltavpyvo, LLC Berdichevsky Brewery, PJSC Khmelnytsky Regional Brewery, LLC Riven, LLC Pavlivka Brewery, LLC Lysychansk Brewery Plant, TM Morshynska, LLC Aqua Polyana, LLC Svalyava Mineral Waters, LLC Iodanka and many others. The products of our factory meet the European quality standards and are exported abroad to: Greece, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Croatia and etc. In 2014, the share of export in total sales volumes amounted to 20.3%, or 38.8 million pcs. Today the following well known German companies use the products of our factory for the production of their products, namely: “Krombacher” and “Warsteiner”, Polish ones: “Ambra” and “Platan”; Finnish concern Olwi buys bottles for pouring Belorussian brand “Lidskoe beer” Obolon Concern is one of the leading partners of PrJSC Rokytne Glass Factory.

For them, we produce beer bottles “Desant” with a capacity of 0.5 l, “HIKE” with a capacity of 0.5 l and 0,33 l and “Modern” with a capacity of 0.5 l with exclusive inscription of the brand.

In addition, the enterprise produces bottles for alcohol-free beverages of PJSC Obolon. Since 2007, our company also has been working with Carlsberg Ukraine. We primarily produce bottles for such brands as: “Slavutych”, “Carlsberg”, “Tuborg”, “Lvivske”, “Robert Doms”, “Baltyka”. PJSC SUN InBev Ukraine takes not the last place in the order portfolio of our enterprise. All three plants of this company use bottles produced by us. Beer of “Becks”, “Taller”, “Yantar” brands is produced in our bottles. Our Glass Factory produces glass bottles for leading Ukrainian enterprises that bottle mineral water, namely: Morshynska, Aqua Polyana, concern Ukrainski Mineralni Vody (Ukrainian Mineral Waters). Our enterprise produces wine glass bottles for the following companies and brands: “Cotnari”, “Koblevo”, “French Boulevard”.

Our enterprise also produces green and brown bottles for sparkling wines for Kyiv factory of sparkling wines “Capital”, Kamyanka Global Wine and other leading manufacturers of beverages. PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work” continues to improve its technology base introducing new technologies in its production and increases professionalism of its employees. One hundred percent of the products are packed in modern group travel packages based on euro pallets with the use of thermo-shrink film.

To achieve and hold such prestigious positions, PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work” spent decades of hard work of glass makers, multiple talented engineers and technicians, managers, ensuring the effective operation of the enterprise, consistent quality of products regardless of the twists of history and economics.

PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work” is a modern highly advanced enterprise and your reliable partner!