PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work”

PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work” is an enterprise that was founded in 1898 and has over a century of experience in glass manufacturing.

During the entire period of its activity, our enterprise has been and remains one of the leading manufacturers of glass bottles. The enterprise specializes in the manufacture of exclusive glass bottles needed by modern consumers. The products of our factory meet the European quality standards and are able to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Our enterprise develops different forms of bottles depending on the wishes and demands of the customers.

The enterprise specializes in the production of green and brown glass bottles with the capacity of from 0.2 to 1.0 liter. PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work” has about 50 own designs of bottles.



“Glass as a work of art”

The words in the title of our site, namely “Glass as a work of art”, are not just a nice slogan. According to the opinion of staff and management of our enterprise, our activity is really in the field of art and beauty! It is true, as the object and the result of the work of our employees are represented by glassware and glass has long been considered one of the main materials from which works of art were traditionally produced. Therefore, in our work we are committed to achieving the same excellence. As a result, each unit of glass products, even of mass production, produced at our enterprise, by the entire complex of its properties, both external and consumer properties, is close to the properties inherent in real works of art.

During its long history, our glass factory worked during many historic periods. Like many enterprises of glass industry in our country and region, our enterprise faced hard times. But over time and under the influence of complicated working conditions, and in many cases thanks to them, the current team of the Glass factory, formed as a result of a century of work of generations and dynasties of our staff, sees its task in continuation and improvement of those fundamental principles of work that are aimed at further improving the quality of glass bottles, methods and techniques of their production.


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For beer 

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For wine 

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for chemical liquids 

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All ideas and thoughts that arise in the minds of people are ultimately subject to one natural desire, namely to make the world better! In general or in part, directly or indirectly, for everyone or just for a few people, but our desires and actions for their implementation are aimed at the realization of the fundamental striving. Every person, group or society as a whole must make their contribution to the movement for the better. Our work is a contribution to the achievement of the common goal. The results of this work will undoubtedly help to improve people’s lives, making the environment cleaner and increase the number of necessary, useful and beautiful things in the world, making it better.