ISO 9001:2015; FSSC 22000 (v.5.1).

High quality and competitive ability of our products are a basis for improvement of economic well-being of our enterprise and each employee.

The activities of the Private Joint Stock Company “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work” are first of all aimed at satisfying needs and expectations of consumers of our products.

Due to progressive marketing strategy we ensure maximum level of monitoring of the glass containers market in Ukraine and abroad. Assurance of our declared principles and achievement of our objectives are provided due to the implemented Quality Management System certified on September 27, 2011. This system was developed according to the requirements of international standard DSTU ISO 9001:2008.

Striving for continual development, product quality improvement and higher safety of production process encouraged us to implement the Food Safety Management System at the PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work”. Therefore, on November 25, 2016, the enterprise successfully completed certification according to the requirements of international standard FSSC 22000:2015 and was granted a certificate certifying system functioning at the enterprise, issued by the certification body TUV Thuringen e.V.

Within the PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work” the Integrated Quality and Safety Management System for Glass Containers Production (QSGCP) functions based on the two above standards.

The Integrated Management System QSGCP is a part of organizational chart of the PJSC “Rokitnovskiy Glass Work” and functions together with carrying out of all other kinds of activities providing qualified and rhythmic operation of production and non-production processes in all life-cycle phases of products.

Product quality is the highest priority of the activities! The work of the entire enterprise is based on this postulate. Moving to improve consumer properties is the preferred direction of moving to our objective.

The most accurate fulfillment of customers’ wants in the shortest possible time is an important feature owing to which customers select our enterprise. We ensure that the time period from the first contact to obtaining prototypes of new products is the quickest at our enterprise.

Striving for continuous technology improvement provides the possibility to produce products of higher quality while maintaining the price balance. This is the basis for our development and confidence in the future.

A century of experience of our enterprise, maintaining and improving traditions confirmed by the work of the dynasties of labor collective ensure quality demanded throughout the world.